Monday, 22 November 2010

I Wear My Heart on My Neck

Hearts, I love them I think I might have a mild obsession with the shape. A few years ago I started a heart shaped necklace collection and since then it has become a sort of fun game to find the "right one" everywhere I go.  You'd think I'd have more, but it's not as easy as it seems.  

Why do I love hearts so much? hmm I think it's the idea of projecting love through a shape. Like a sort of "Approach... Harmless Human" sign for strangers.


Round heart, thin heart
cute as can be
Long heart, heavy heart
love for you and me.

Accessory, a nice story
a tale around your neck
a memory a victory
it's cheesy what the heck.

                                        check check check

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I Live in a Flat, SO WHAT!!

I have promised myself this blog will be about nice and happy things and people, and even though the past 2 posts have included a bit of rambling it will continue being so.
So today I want to express my love for the flat floor, the no stairs, the no garden, the elevated view and the fact that I don't have to worry about my washing being out when it rains.

Lately I have noticed a peculiar obsession people here have about living in a house.  I don't really understand it to be honest, I had never ever met anyone who was obsessed with having a garden so badly until I moved here. I've tried to put my finger on it, is it a longing for private space? is it a social status kind of thing? Maybe all of the above.  I'm sure it's a cultural thing, which clearly states I don't quite fit in since I come from a city built in a valley surrounded by mountains, which have made building mostly vertical due to lack of space.

So if anyone understands the meaning of this, do let me know.
Until then, can I just be happy in my lovely flat?


Yo yo yo
listen up y'all
let's go

I live in a flat, so what?
it's cute and I love it too
with a view of a park, how 'bout that!
and it even has room for two loos.

                                                               Boo hoo

Monday, 18 October 2010

Voluntary Amnesia

My Great grandmother was a hypochondriac, so was my grandma.  Luckily (or not) it skipped my mother, but I think I've got it too. Today I want to share with you my latest self diagnosis... Voluntary Amnesia.

A year and a half ago, I made the decision to end a long distance affair by making it local. All it took was the word Yes.  And with that yes came a move.  I left home happily and ready for a change and I knew I was getting into something different, different language, food, culture.  Little did I know that I was going to cross the migration desk and wake up the next day like I had been on a multiple year comma with full on amnsesia.

It's strange this voluntary amnesia, you walk around in a sea of strangers, recognizing no faces (not even the celebrities), and you seem to know things like a tree is a tree but appart from that, everything else is just "foreign".  So you have start from scratch because while on this sleep, the world has forgotten you as well and all you've done in your previous years of consiousness no longer applies or seems relevant or shows up on computers (it reminds me of the Vogons in The Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy).

So you try to start over, and find a spot to ground yourself and start slowly trying to bloom out of insignificance, try to reach out to make strange faces familiar but it's a big waste of time because those faces have plenty of familiarity in their own lives, and as much as you try to share your wonderful experience in the world of sleep, no one has really been there before, so it doesn't really matter.  Plus this sleep has affected your speech and you're constantly sounding silly and can't even be funny anymore.

Anyway, I guess now a days Voluntary Amnesia is as common and global as the smell of greasy chips at the local McDonalds. I am hoping after a bit more time, I will start remembering and maybe even be funny again. Until now, better start reading up on my celebrities!

dooby dooby do
wa wa  wawa
starting over totally
bla bla blabla

ooee ooee ooo
bip bip bip bip
living like a looney toon
flip flip flip flip

Oh Oh I'm an alien
I'm a legal alien
I'm a Tropical in the Cold.


Friday, 8 October 2010

Thursday Blog


Hey Everyone! Don't forget to read my Thursdays blogposts at
Hope you like it!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010



I thought all day today about what my next blog post would be about.  I had it all figured out in my head and had even sorted the illustration out.  It was going to be a good one... and then I went to the gym.

I had been really bad, I hadn't done any exercise in more than a month, I had gone back to being a couch potato (love that expression).  Finally I decided to go back and yay! I had the most fun I had had in ages.

When I was younger, my sister and I came up with this cutting edge way of exercising without even noticing your were doing it. What we did was play the loudest music we could and dance like crazy lunatics who had lost control of their motor skills.  I guess it was just dancing, but we had so much fun and did it for hours without even complaining once.
A few years later, having moved away and replaced my sister with an anti dancing Englishman, and having never been a fan of night clubs, I thought my dancing days were over, until I found Zumba!
I had been to loads of "dance" aerobic classes before, but none of them had me jumping around doing air guitar before! I love it!  It's a selection of different rythms, from Rock and Roll, to Twist, to Salsa and even Cumbia (from Colombia!).  I have to say yes it is silly, but you will feel it the next day!
So if you have the chance look for Zumba at your local Gym or Google it for classes. It will make you happy and hot! What else do you want?


Baila Baila
Zumba Zumba
Shimmy Shimmy
Rumba Rumba

Shake your booty 
move you're hips
Kiss a boy
right on the lips!

Have some fun
and sweat a little
jump around
and you won't brittle!

                          Si Señorita!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Life is a B*tch

B*tchy Girl's Day Out

First of all, I would like to say that I will try to illustrate all of the images for my blog posts from now on!  This is the first one!  I thought it would be appropriate for this blog post because she looks a bit mean, at least I think so.  I hope you enjoy my illustrations along with my writing from now on.

So, I was on the bus home the other day and it had been a long day, I didn't have a book with me so I resorted to the other only option available... eavesdropping.   I concentrated (over the sound of N-dubz playing on their mobiles) on these 3 girls' conversation.  They were passionately bitching about this other girl, who to me had done nothing wrong but being a bit different to what the others expected. They talked about her the whole journey and possibly continued once they got off the bus.
I started thinking about this bitching business, It's not like I don't do it, it's an international hobbie that everyone has done at some point, but why does putting someone down make people feel better about themselves?


Life is a B*tch
Isn't life Fun?
Life has to happen
to Everyone

But if you don't Cherish it
If you're depressed
Life will just kidnap you
Make it much worse

'cause there's no way out
And you make it yourself
If you see the irony
You'll see fate itself. 

                                          Good Health

Monday, 27 September 2010

Bon Appetite!!

This past weekend (seems ages ago now), I had a bit of a movie marathon with my monito.  Most of them were good choices I have to say, but one was my favourite.  I liked it so much indeed, that it now holds a place in my heart next to Amelie Poulain and the things that make me happy.
"Julie and Julia" is a feel good film that tells the story of two lovely ladies, a cook and a writer who blogs about cooking.  It is not a life changing story, it is not intellectual or revealing, it is a film that makes you smile and feel happy.  
I like smiley and happy, and pretending the world is a nice place.  I know some people like gloomy and preparing yourself for the worst so it won't hit so hard.  But I think it's better to live a happy life and then deal with it when it's bad news.
I don't know what you're views are on this matter, but if you care to try out my philosophy of life, I recommend you do it after watching this film.  It will make you laugh, it will make you want to learn how to cook or at least eat amazing food; meet someone to love or kiss your one and only.


Lose your grumpy
have a little joy
the road may be bumpy
skip and you'll enjoy

                         Bon appetite!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I Heart GRANDmas

Apparently I cried in my sleep last night. I don't remember much of it and I find it a bit embarrassing to tell you the truth (I wonder what other sorts of odd things we do when we're actually sleeping). Anyway, all I remember is that I was dreaming about my grandmother and for some reason crying about it (of excitement I would say).
It is not often that people that are no longer with us come to us in dreams and I love it because dreams are so real most of the time that it's like having an extra chance to be with that person. 
I absolutely loved my grandmother. She was a GRANDmother,   she taught me everything I know about art and making beautiful things. She gave me fashion advise and trusted me with family secrets (of the artistic type).  She told me great stories about her childhood and crazy olden times.She was cute and smart and even if I came third in her grandchildren preference scale, I knew she loved me too. 
I miss her but loved knowing her, I wonder if all grandmas are GRANDmas?  If yours is still around, do me a favour and give her a hug.  I promise you won't regret it.


Be nice to your Nan
Grandma, Nana, Abuela
Just give her a call
Like a polite young fella 

Sit down and just listen
to stories and tales
Give hugs and just cherish
remember details.

                                                                                  this way love prevails

Monday, 20 September 2010


Mary Katrantzou Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

A couple of years ago I was having a cultural day out down town Quito (Ecuador) with my sister.  Right before we got sucked into a bargain shop which totally put us off our initial quest,  we went inside an astonishing colonial church called La Compañia.  Amazed by it's beautiful overwhelming golden detail which covered every last bit of space of the building, we actually agreed to pay to go in and listen to a guide talk about it.  During her speech, the guide told us about the style of this church's architecture Baroque which she described as "fear of space".  That's when my mind left the church and I got to thinking about this Baroque idea and I realized I am Baroque.
Fear of space or love of an empty canvas which could be anything, from a tiny space on a wall, to the pages of a notebook. This is why I have always loved prints and clusters instead of minimalism.




                                                                                                 join me

Iglesia La Compañia, Quito - Ecuador

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Doodle me Pretty!

Textural Lime Zest Fashion Print by: Rachael Taylor Designs

Here is one of my favourite prints by super talented designer Rachael Taylor.  She was the first person to help me get to know the creative world in Leeds when I first moved here. So I thought I would pay her a little tribute by writing a small poem inspired by the print.
You can check out more of here lovely work in her website or follow her fab blog.


Doodle me pretty 
and doodle me sweet
fill me with colours
for doodle complete

Paint me a smile
with flowers and leaves
whirl me with style
with soft silky weaves

Lets go on a trip
through loveliness grand
walk not, we should skip
doodle wonderland.

                                                                                             It starts with a hand... 

Monday, 13 September 2010

DIY And Then Sell It

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved making things.  They mostly came as an excuse to use the latest technology found in my house.  I started writing poems when I was 7 years old because I loved using my mum's typewriter.  Some time later I discovered the sowing machine and I figured how to make fabric shoe bags and after making about 20 I used a family lunch to sell them to aunts, uncles, grandparents etc.  Being cute at the time I made a small fortune and developed my still ongoing DIY and then sell it obsession.
Here's an example of my watchmaking days (Buttons and pearls bracelet).  I have also gone through, flower shaped paper lamps, flower sculptures, headbands and clips, hand bag costumising and money banks phases and it goes on and on and on.  I definitely need my own shop! do you agree?


My First Ever Poem (1988)
(sorry I didn't speak enough english at the time)

Mi mamita es muy bonita
Como una florecita
Es tan linda tan hermosa
Como un jardin de rosas

Tal vez otros no la vean
asi de espectacular
Pero es my favorita
Y no me la van a cambiar
                                     By ME

Friday, 10 September 2010

Genie Wanted!

Wanting some wishes 1,2,3,4
some in retailing
indoor, restore, explore

Find me a genie to come say hello
there are none in ebay
where else?  Do you know?

I might as well list them
there's nothing to lose
you might own a lamp
and could make me your muse

I want to be published
Success absolute
Creatively established
and black leather boots.

I am not a genie
not magic, just me
if you have a wish, list it here
...........................  and a cup of tea.

                            free plea!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Where Should I Put My Tea?

Roger Waters Table, £65

Last weekend I decided to pay tribute to a table I replaced and give it a makeover so that someone else would love it and take it home. It's made by decoupage technique and would look gorgeous anywhere. It's a good idea to do this to old furniture, it makes it look great and helps the environment a little bit.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle it
remake, restore, revamp!
restart, repaint, lickety split
redo, renew, restamp.


Friday, 3 September 2010

Love Nest

Wallpaper "sunday" made by Ximena Escobar 

Welcome to my love nest
Cute and all my own
Pretty normal to the rest
My heart and my home

I like decorating, 
even painting walls
I don't like to tidy up
or sweeping the halls

Looking out the window
hedgehogs, foxes, park
looking inside my monito
fun at light and dark

Welcome Bienvenidos
Come and say hello
stay for dinner, share a wine
you and J and Mo.

Think Pink

Me and A Cup of tea have started a new year of life going back to a little life philosophy that had been an important part of most of it and some how got lost in the middle of stuff.

So here it is! new outfit for the blog, new weekly posts promise and a Think Pink pledge! I know sometimes other colours may over rule you, but pink will always make you happy! (At least it does me...)

So here's a little poem to celebrate this pinkness!


Rosie Cheeks are cute
Lollipops taste good
cherry blossoms melt my heart
Pink thinking's my mood

Sometimes Blue takes over
Sapphires make me cry
Green or black or others
Bitter piece of pie

Think pink when it's dark
Think pink when trying to think
Think pink and pink will happen
Think Pink and life won't stink

                                       Wink :)

Friday, 12 March 2010

Love Hurts

I fell in love the other day

while riding on the bus.
With just a glance,
one little stare, true love was all there was.

From that day on, as i passed by
that place i thought of you.
I didn't dare get closer by,
was I the one for you?

As time went by, through days and nights
I thought of only you.
I'd take you with me to that special place
where I've got a + 2.

You seemed quite right, perhaps the one
my one and my only.
My friends would stare,
I'd be the talk of the entire party.

what would you ask from me I thought
were we the perfect fit?
But as I gave it some more thought,
I smiled and went for it!

Then on a casual afternoon,
a Friday like some other,
I pressed the button on the bus
and jumped off with no bother.

I walked your way, you weren't in sight
but still i went right in.
And there like spring
you bloomed to light the room, making me spin.

I dared not speak and step by step
each detail came to life,
you were just perfect so up close,
so pretty and so nice.

I checked no one was watching
and felt your silky feel,
amazingly exciting to see that you were real.

My mind was made, you were for me,
you had me at hello,
then with much care i felt inside to look at it, you know.
It is pretty important, how big or small how long,
I found it yes I found the thing that sunk my heart how wrong.

It told me you were luxe and
way too good for me.
You were Italian glamour and made by D & G.
I backed away embarrassed, what was I doing here?
To pay for that I'd have to save my whole month's pay 1 year.

I backed away not looking back
pretending not to care
I guess I didn't any more
no need to feel despair.

True love seems real sometimes indeed
but fashion wise it's vague
A dress is perfect till it needs
four digits to be paid.