Friday, 12 March 2010

Love Hurts

I fell in love the other day

while riding on the bus.
With just a glance,
one little stare, true love was all there was.

From that day on, as i passed by
that place i thought of you.
I didn't dare get closer by,
was I the one for you?

As time went by, through days and nights
I thought of only you.
I'd take you with me to that special place
where I've got a + 2.

You seemed quite right, perhaps the one
my one and my only.
My friends would stare,
I'd be the talk of the entire party.

what would you ask from me I thought
were we the perfect fit?
But as I gave it some more thought,
I smiled and went for it!

Then on a casual afternoon,
a Friday like some other,
I pressed the button on the bus
and jumped off with no bother.

I walked your way, you weren't in sight
but still i went right in.
And there like spring
you bloomed to light the room, making me spin.

I dared not speak and step by step
each detail came to life,
you were just perfect so up close,
so pretty and so nice.

I checked no one was watching
and felt your silky feel,
amazingly exciting to see that you were real.

My mind was made, you were for me,
you had me at hello,
then with much care i felt inside to look at it, you know.
It is pretty important, how big or small how long,
I found it yes I found the thing that sunk my heart how wrong.

It told me you were luxe and
way too good for me.
You were Italian glamour and made by D & G.
I backed away embarrassed, what was I doing here?
To pay for that I'd have to save my whole month's pay 1 year.

I backed away not looking back
pretending not to care
I guess I didn't any more
no need to feel despair.

True love seems real sometimes indeed
but fashion wise it's vague
A dress is perfect till it needs
four digits to be paid.