Thursday, 4 December 2008

Suicidio Literario

When one is a coward
when one likes to dream
when one can't go forward
but still wants to see

When things go down down hill
at full speed non stop
But you still feel the will
to retreat to the top

Disapointment, sadness, loneliness
crisis, grief, sorrowfulness
nule, alone and meaningless
mean, psyco, no success

when your heart has shrunk from sufferering
but likes the way it once was wide
there's nothing left to do but one thing
That's literary suicide

keyboard self-annihilation
no concluding card required
a fictional finalisation
to a mood that has expired
a discrete interpretation
of a state of no solution
in a more convenient version
with a less permanent conclusion

SO goodbye cruel literary world
you were mean and full of sorrow
I leave you know, no more to say
at least until tomorrow

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


The Cup of tea blog would like to make clear that the entries here are fictional, though they are coming from my thoughts they are harmless and want nothing bad to come from them or to hurt or offend anyone. There are no mean intentions in them. Please do not take any of it personally. All that is aimed for is to provide a few paragraphs of silly hopefully enjoyable writting.
thank you