Monday, 11 April 2011

LOVE! Shout it out loud!

Put your hands up if you're a Lovelier! Yes, yes I just made that word up but it sounds nice and it's more than being a lover, its being a fan of love, of lovely, of loving and as a good fan, shouting it out.
Why is it that we all love love stories?  Happy endings and romance, exciting moments when people finally shout out that they love each other.  We all love films and books, gossip and tales about it, but when it comes to doing it ourselves, it's so hard!
I know it's a protective thing, not showing yourself vulnerable, avoiding rejection, getting hurt.  But what about the excitement and possibilities? Not only in romantic love but in the things, moments, places we love!
I wish there was some sort of alcohol equivalent what we could drink from and suddenly feel uninhibited and free to shout out what it is that we love.
Do me a favour, Love a little more! you won't regret it! And if you love someone that might just love you back, just tell them... maybe watch a few Disney films first (hey, that could be our alcohol equivalent).


Here we go!

L is for lets shout it out
Otherwise they'll never know
V is for very good things and no doubt
Everything  will come to flow

Loveliers, love's coming after you
contagious, delirious, deranged
keep not, better spread it all out like the flu
shout out, let no one be estranged.


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Little Moments of Happiness

Sometimes not having a good camera is not as bad as you think.  Last night the moon was the closest it had been blah blah blah, the point is it was absolutely amazing.  I was so perplexed by it that I needed to take a photograph to remember this spectacle.  Photographing the moon is one of the hardest things ever, it never quite captures the beauty of it (being in the middle of a motorway didn't exactly help either).  As I tried helplessly to get at least one picture, I discovered, I could draw with the moon.
I love this photo, it's an unintentional effect of a little moment of happiness. The dancing moon and a paintbrush camera.


A dancing moon, 
swimming outside
sun on your face
floating with the tide

dancing with your eyes closed
laughing till you cry
eating what you love the most
having not to say goodbye

                                   listening to" Weather to Fly"

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Firefly-Hush by Jenniferjadee D Slayton

Lately I find myself trying aimlessly to convince the world I am great while the world tries ruthlessly to convince me I'm not.

So today I was thinking I need to take a breather from the hectic battle and give myself some reassurance because I, in fact am great!  I am and that won't change no matter how many documents are not valid, how many qualifications need translation, no matter how many people don't know what I can do! 

I don't know if it is a bit delusional to think this, the world wants bright stars and not fireflies. But then again, fireflies might be small but they can bright up a night and marvel a static moment, and let's face it, in this day and age, stars are all just covered by pollution anyway.

So this is no narcissistic piece of self adoration, every single person who is reading this right now, read it as if it is your own! Let's fill the world with fireflies and have a moment of greatness, not for them out there to see but for us.

Lift yourself up if you know you are great too!


Sparkle as you pass me by
Tell me someone great's around
Flip the dull world upside down

                                       Light the town