Monday, 11 April 2011

LOVE! Shout it out loud!

Put your hands up if you're a Lovelier! Yes, yes I just made that word up but it sounds nice and it's more than being a lover, its being a fan of love, of lovely, of loving and as a good fan, shouting it out.
Why is it that we all love love stories?  Happy endings and romance, exciting moments when people finally shout out that they love each other.  We all love films and books, gossip and tales about it, but when it comes to doing it ourselves, it's so hard!
I know it's a protective thing, not showing yourself vulnerable, avoiding rejection, getting hurt.  But what about the excitement and possibilities? Not only in romantic love but in the things, moments, places we love!
I wish there was some sort of alcohol equivalent what we could drink from and suddenly feel uninhibited and free to shout out what it is that we love.
Do me a favour, Love a little more! you won't regret it! And if you love someone that might just love you back, just tell them... maybe watch a few Disney films first (hey, that could be our alcohol equivalent).


Here we go!

L is for lets shout it out
Otherwise they'll never know
V is for very good things and no doubt
Everything  will come to flow

Loveliers, love's coming after you
contagious, delirious, deranged
keep not, better spread it all out like the flu
shout out, let no one be estranged.


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