Wednesday, 24 September 2008

sátira de la depresión

Depression depression
pathetic obsession
a waste of my time
and a bad situation

you open your eyes in the morning and think
oh my what a wonderful thing it's to sleep
I wish I could just let my self go right back
to bed and to have an 100 year nap

And what about when it just takes you a while
to figure the date of you most recent smile
it's probably that one you managed to fake
when your precious depression was being at stake

It's your precious depression, and it's yours to keep
if you share it you spoil the fun of the weep
and self pity and anger and dangerous thoughts
why share all the fun coming out of your box

Depression depression
there is no consolation
sarcastic self expression
of a happiness recession
of self communication
of sensitive transgression
and some mental aggression
a negative jam session .....