Monday, 27 September 2010

Bon Appetite!!

This past weekend (seems ages ago now), I had a bit of a movie marathon with my monito.  Most of them were good choices I have to say, but one was my favourite.  I liked it so much indeed, that it now holds a place in my heart next to Amelie Poulain and the things that make me happy.
"Julie and Julia" is a feel good film that tells the story of two lovely ladies, a cook and a writer who blogs about cooking.  It is not a life changing story, it is not intellectual or revealing, it is a film that makes you smile and feel happy.  
I like smiley and happy, and pretending the world is a nice place.  I know some people like gloomy and preparing yourself for the worst so it won't hit so hard.  But I think it's better to live a happy life and then deal with it when it's bad news.
I don't know what you're views are on this matter, but if you care to try out my philosophy of life, I recommend you do it after watching this film.  It will make you laugh, it will make you want to learn how to cook or at least eat amazing food; meet someone to love or kiss your one and only.


Lose your grumpy
have a little joy
the road may be bumpy
skip and you'll enjoy

                         Bon appetite!!

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Debs said...

totally agree with your sentiments but is there room in your philosophy to be perfectly happy with a little bit of dark(o)!