Thursday, 23 September 2010

I Heart GRANDmas

Apparently I cried in my sleep last night. I don't remember much of it and I find it a bit embarrassing to tell you the truth (I wonder what other sorts of odd things we do when we're actually sleeping). Anyway, all I remember is that I was dreaming about my grandmother and for some reason crying about it (of excitement I would say).
It is not often that people that are no longer with us come to us in dreams and I love it because dreams are so real most of the time that it's like having an extra chance to be with that person. 
I absolutely loved my grandmother. She was a GRANDmother,   she taught me everything I know about art and making beautiful things. She gave me fashion advise and trusted me with family secrets (of the artistic type).  She told me great stories about her childhood and crazy olden times.She was cute and smart and even if I came third in her grandchildren preference scale, I knew she loved me too. 
I miss her but loved knowing her, I wonder if all grandmas are GRANDmas?  If yours is still around, do me a favour and give her a hug.  I promise you won't regret it.


Be nice to your Nan
Grandma, Nana, Abuela
Just give her a call
Like a polite young fella 

Sit down and just listen
to stories and tales
Give hugs and just cherish
remember details.

                                                                                  this way love prevails

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