Friday, 3 September 2010

Think Pink

Me and A Cup of tea have started a new year of life going back to a little life philosophy that had been an important part of most of it and some how got lost in the middle of stuff.

So here it is! new outfit for the blog, new weekly posts promise and a Think Pink pledge! I know sometimes other colours may over rule you, but pink will always make you happy! (At least it does me...)

So here's a little poem to celebrate this pinkness!


Rosie Cheeks are cute
Lollipops taste good
cherry blossoms melt my heart
Pink thinking's my mood

Sometimes Blue takes over
Sapphires make me cry
Green or black or others
Bitter piece of pie

Think pink when it's dark
Think pink when trying to think
Think pink and pink will happen
Think Pink and life won't stink

                                       Wink :)

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