Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Doodle me Pretty!

Textural Lime Zest Fashion Print by: Rachael Taylor Designs

Here is one of my favourite prints by super talented designer Rachael Taylor.  She was the first person to help me get to know the creative world in Leeds when I first moved here. So I thought I would pay her a little tribute by writing a small poem inspired by the print.
You can check out more of here lovely work in her website or follow her fab blog.


Doodle me pretty 
and doodle me sweet
fill me with colours
for doodle complete

Paint me a smile
with flowers and leaves
whirl me with style
with soft silky weaves

Lets go on a trip
through loveliness grand
walk not, we should skip
doodle wonderland.

                                                                                             It starts with a hand... 

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