Saturday, 12 January 2008

I Hate the Nightlife, I Love to Boogie

Friday night no big deal
just a movie or a meal
or a drink or a nice bar
then go home in my small car

Then last Friday without doubt
I decided !Girls Night Out!
I like dancing, I like clothes
lets go clubbing and do both!

It seemed funny it seemed great
lets go dancing without dates.
chose the outfit, and the heels
grabbed a bite and left with thrills

Stupidly I chose to drive
from then on things were not right.

After 2 pre-party drinks
straight to the club we went'd think
but the cue was 2 blocks long
is this real? I thought, !come on!

And the bouncer was so nice
the guy greeted with goodbyes
no more space in there he said
Too much effort, lets just go to bed !!

After some arguing, winks and a pleeeaaseee
we were inside oh joy oh such bliss (sarcasm)
It was crowded oh yeah it was FULL
the person who made me come here is a FOOL

So we bumped and we rubbed and we stepped our way in
and we found the right space or the smallest I've seen
Then the music kicked in and dancing began
and I lifted my feet up and down with no hands

My friends ordered drinks, but not me I was driving
we were 4 and then 3, it was time for drunk dialing
then the 3 turned to 2 'cause the 1 left with 10
and you know what I mean, in the 10 there were men

So we danced and we danced and they drank but not me,
and we sang and we sang and were stepped on our feet.
they were having a blast, from what I could tell
but not me, I stopped dancing, I was in high heel hell.

After an endless while, I decided we would go
so a search party was sent, to gather the party of 4
I limped myself out to freedom, leaving 2 friends behind
and I drove home like a zombie wondering about my mind

I like to dance yes, I like to dress up too
but girls night out and clubbing I think I've gone coo coo
I'll need some months of rest, and think of where I've been
I'll stick to meals and movies, and go dance at the gym.

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