Thursday, 24 January 2008

Graduation! Run for your Life

Graduation Graduation, you did it congratulations!
said my parents and my teachers and my siblings and my friends
after thinking and some planning, I would say exaggeration!
It's not fun, not even funny, your life's coming to an end.

To make myself more clear, I will kindly illustrate
how a student's life's a blanket and without it you're at stake
and a thousand doors are opening for you to take the leap
into what is what you wonder, 'cause it all looks like a pit.

Let me look for an example, or narrate for you a tale
about someone who was captive, well not someone, it's a whale
and this whale's name was keiko, but we all know it as Willy
I am making sense I promise, please don't think I'm being silly

So he swam in his aquarium and jumped and grabbed the fish
he was happy, he was pampered, his lifestyle was just delish
then he went and became famous, and the people really fought
they wrote letters and made posters so they could let Willy out

He was freed into the ocean, he didn't know what to do
he didn't know any others to tell him how to get food
he was new to so much water, he would have to swim nonstop
then he chased a ship to Sweden and he died of outside shock

So the moral of this metaphor or what I mean to say
is that we should see captivity as a good place to stay
but hey life's not that perfect, we've all got to move on
and find a job that's suitable and decent vacation

I want to see the sunlight, enjoy an afternoon
I want to wake up by myself and hang out in my room
I want a job I love, I want a boss that's me
I want gratification not just in salary

So if you're looking for a stylist, I think that's what I do
I also write for magazines and help you buy your shoes
in need of a great professional I mean someone one like me?
then you just need to mention, it, I'll sent you my CV.

I'm not desperate or anything...

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