Thursday, 17 January 2008

Embrace Your Inner Freak! There’s Others Much Worst Out There

Everyone has an inner freak. Call it childhood trauma, psychological scar, mania or condition. Whatever, we’re all a little freaky on the inside and believe it or not that’s what makes us normal now a days. It’s true that the dirty laundry is washed at home and some people successfully get away with being perceived as perfect or better yet problem-less, but I say those people are the most screwed up. Plus having an inner freak can turn into your “party trick”, lift a boring conversation or find things in common with a new friend.

In the past few years I have come to detect, accept and embrace my inner freak to the point I have come to recognize it as a unique traits that define my messed up self, and gives me a little humour (because there’s nothing worst than being messed up and bitter.)
So yes, I love to adjust wrinkled carpets, I carefully re-stack flyers, pamphlets, brochures and any paper stack I find at banks, offices, ice cream shops etc. I have a serious sneeze trauma (no breathing for 5 seconds at least after anyone has sneezed), I collect the tickets from all the movies I go to, OH and I can’t forget my amazing party trick that is 100% effective against awkward silences, my freaky hands! One “hey my hands can fold completely” and the party is alive once more. All of that among others make up my inner freak and I kind of like it, actually from what I’ve discovered, I wouldn’t trade it for anyone’s ever.

But, why would you want keep your IF?

Lately due to life circumstances, I have come to spend a lot of time with family members I’m used to seeing but I have don’t really know and I have realized my paper staking-finger folding freak is as decent as they get.
Last month my very single aunt who parties like a rock star and travels like one too, was feeling uneasy and stressed out; She was being really uptight about the cleanness of her flat. She would clean, wipe, mop, sweep, pic up, re adjust and dusted all day long every day. And not only did she do this at her place but every ones. It was like having your own personal cleaning robot who picked up after every chocolate wrap, empty glass, and plate you set on a table 2 seconds after you were done eating. So a Friend of hers suggested that she had to learn to relax and not let stuff like a little dust ruin her days. All she had to do was get up one morning and start her day BUT not make her bed.

Yes, I know, for most of us making a bed is one of the things that make us desperately wish for the “The Jetsons” era to arrive quickly and for us to have robots and machines that make our beds, and change us into our Pj’s. Believe it or not for most people who were raised before the 60’s it’s a very important responsibility that can never EVER be left undone.

So, coming back to the crazy suggestion, my aunt actually took the risk and one random morning, she got up and went straight to breakfast, leaving her perfect bed, unmade.
10 hours later, moments away from a nervous breakdown, she went back and folded her blankets, flattened her pillows and her breathed normally. From that day on, she embraced her inner freak and the stress was gone.

So, no matter what you do, don’t fight it, deal with the fact that everyone has a strangeness about themselves and be glad that at yours is yours and your bed still makes you wish for The Jetsons.

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