Wednesday, 23 July 2008

para mi mamá

When words are necesary
to say the imaginary
It's hard and even scary
to even get it right

This is comunication
direct to you tonight
a loving affirmation
to always hold on tight

I want this to be perfect
I want this to be sweet
I want the words that I reflect
to be a non defeat

I wrote you my first poem
and you were my first fan
I'll write another one of them
as special as I can

I love how you loved christmas
I love how you loved Rain
I loved how it was no big deal
when I thought things insane

I loved the lovely feeling
of always feeling free
I love how everything was possible
and I could just be me

with one word you were peaceful
with one sound you were waves
with one image beautiful
and with a thought I was just safe

in one smell you were vanilla
and an adjetive I'd say strong
the colour is light pink and lila
I know there's no need for a song

You loved and cared unconditionally
you were fair and sweet and so smart
you were safety and love just so easily
you were one that was kept in the heart

I don't know how to miss you
I don't know how to be
I just know I will keep you
'cause all of you is me


sofi said...

esta DEMASIADO bonito!

Roxy said...

No hay palabras para ese poema.

Maria Emilia said...

hermoso...veo a maria tere ahí en pintada. Qué berraquera, espectaclar poema.

Ximena Escobar Piedrahita said...

Amo a mi Mamá!!!!!!