Saturday, 17 January 2009

Dressing Up for Staying In

In life there are lots of moments
a dress code there is made for each
elegant, casual, or sporty
but what to wear when life's a bitch?

If your obssesed about fashion
then you might want to relate
it's a subject to take with some caution
a very innate unique trait

You wake up with no plans but thinking
today I would like to look good
for what, you don't know but you sink in
to look just as well as your mood

Then you're ready, you're cute and you smell nice
your next step to make up a plan
to go out will do, you don't think twice
your look and you want to have fun.

You call and you call
but nobody's home
the truth of the matter
you'll wind up alone

And you think of a plan or activity
to do by yourself, and go out
but everything points to the path of captivity
so you curse on the world and surrender in pout

Then you and your look stay at home friday night
and you think to yourself, what a waste of a sight
and you put on your pj's, bid your outfit good fight
but you'll wear it tomorrow again out of spite.


Valen Llano said...

Me encantó, lo senti tan real que parecia que lo estaba viviendo. Que rico leerte!!

Susanne said...

Love it!