Monday, 24 November 2008

no es amor no es amor......

There's all kinds of love
and there's love of all kinds
there's all kinds of crazy
and all crazy kinds
of loving and caring
love's always been blind
but as an obssesion's the love that I mind

I mind when it's not me
whose going coo coo
when it's you who's obssesed
you don't have a clue!

at first he's your crush
your romance your fling
then all of a sudden
your siamese twin

And your whole book of anecdotes
is filled with a name
which you mention, say and quote
like this, that, different but the same

This not only goes for girls
the boys too
the boys swirl and twirl
and they do stick like glue

And all of us standing
on the spectators side
pretend it's oustanding
to avoid mr. hyde

defending true love
attending hurt pride
unending claim of
misunderstood sides

And friendships get distant
and meetings are few
good times nonexistant
to others Adieu!

I find it annoying
this lover's OD
it's troubleing, mind blowing
pestering to see

But just like the chickenpox
dying or colds
it's going to happen
to you me us both


Let go of your fears
and embrase your other
save up on the tears
and judge no more brother...

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By me said...

Moni, this one is a good one! Really liked it. BTW its me Lisa! Besos